NPSP | Due to its efficiency as a CRM solution, Salesforce has become quite prevalent among non-profit organizations. It comes with various configurable systems that offer better flexibility and makes your organizational work even more proficient. 

However, many corporations still are not aware of the actual potency of Salesforce as a CRM platform. Hence, they cannot customize the solution and get the most out of it in any way. 

To help them out, we are going to discuss the common customizations for Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. 

Moreover, we will also provide some details about the benefits of customizing NPSP.

Why Should Nonprofits Use Salesforce? 

In essence, Salesforce does feature a plethora of enticing aspects, which can be beneficial for non-profit organizations. However, there is yet another thing about Salesforce that attracts them as well – the free quotient. 

The CRM platform offers all of its software programs for free for up to 10 users. Nonetheless, it is only available for nonprofit organizations. So, they should definitely use it to their advantage. On the other hand, Salesforce is quite customizable as well. 

You can always adjust it as per your needs and requirements. Unlike the software program, the configuration procedure of the CRM solution does come with a price tag, but, in comparison to others, it is quite reasonable and affordable!  

But how can the customization of Salesforce NPSP be beneficial for your purpose? For example, most experienced organizations, especially nonprofits, are always trying to go with the new trends in the market. Hence, even though they do not make frequent changes, their configurations can be quite lengthy and intricate. 

To manage all the changes properly, they will have to make some modifications to their system as well. This is where Salesforce can be beneficial for them. It is easy to use and operate. Hence, companies can make alterations to their infrastructure almost anytime. 

On the other hand, smaller corporations tend to make more changes from time to time. In this case, they would require something that is highly flexible and fits their idea perfectly.  

As they usually make drastic changes, it also makes sense for them to opt for a less-pricey yet more modifiable solution. Thus, choosing Salesforce over other organizations does seem to be ideal for them! 

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack 

As of now, you have probably gotten an idea about the benefits of using Salesforce for nonprofit organizations. So, let’s talk a little bit about the NPSP or Nonprofit Success Pack, which is provided by the CRM solution. 

In essence, NPSP is a free solution module, which has been created by Salesforce to organize the needs of a nonprofit organization. With it, you can systematize all of your required fields and objectives in a single place. 

NPSP is pre-configured. Therefore, you would not have to spend an ample amount of your time and make the changes manually. However, you might have to set it up a little bit at your own convenience. 

Once you are done, you can then track the accounts of your respective donors, their potential opportunities, contacts, campaigns, and many more. As per the Salesforce NPSP guide, this particular platform works by expanding the standard data model of Salesforce. 

Hence, aside from the organizational ease, you can relish the advantages of traditional Salesforce as well. With the CRM solution, you can organize non-profit-associated data. The following are a few of them: 

  • Attended activities and events 
  • Their responses on different surveys 
  • Names of your donors as well as their contact information 
  • The number of donations that have been made, their amount as well as the frequency 
  • Research details on all the future prospects 
  • The usage of communicative modules, such total number of emails 

This information is crucial for your cause and, thus, can help you to configure the system in your own way. Once you have set up everything properly, you can then start using the other features and common customizations for Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. 

Best Customizations for the NPSP Pack of Salesforce 

The nonprofit pack of Salesforce is highly customizable. Hence,  you can configure it properly. But do you know how to make the most out of it? Well, if you don’t, then make sure to check out the following pointers for a better grasp on this aspect. 

  1. Coordinate It with Agility-based Applications 

If you have been using Salesforce for a prolonged period, then you probably do know that you can integrate it with third-party apps. So why don’t you use it to your advantage? Yes, you guessed it right.  

You can use various AppExchange applications and various other agility-based Salesforce devices for actualizing the CRM platform. It, in turn, can help you to broaden your range of applications and find out more donors in a short amount of time. 

Some of the best agility-based tools in Salesforce are – Pardot and Marketing Cloud. 

  1. Sync Everything 

Do you want to send separate emails to different groups of donors quickly and proficiently? In that case, make sure to customize the syncing procedure. For that, you will first have to make some segmented lists, which will contain people from different categories. 

Now, you will have to type the emails, which would target a specific group of people from the previously-mentioned list. Once you are done, you can then send the texts automatically to them without spending much of your time. 

You can use some tools like Salesforce for Outlook to automate this procedure as well. 

  1. Systemize Your Fundraising  

By customizing the NPSP package, you can oversee gifts provided by your donors, supporters, and volunteers and streamline them.  If you wish, may also opt to keep them in one place. Moreover, with it, you can automate different fundraising procedures as well. 

This way, it will be much easier for you to maintain all of your records properly and find them when the time is right. Moreover, due to the automation procedure, you also don’t have to worry about making errors, which usually occur during manual procedures. 

What are the Benefits of Customizing in NPSP? 

As mentioned previously, the pre-configured version of NPSP is, indeed, one of the best things about it. However, that’s not the only way in which it can help you to make your nonprofit organization become more efficient in the market. There’s a lot more to it. 

  1. Knowing More about Your Benefactors 

By customizing the NPSP solution, you can sync the emails of all of your donors in a single place. Once you secure them, it becomes much easier for you to learn more about them. Knowing their interests, beliefs, and causes will help you establish rapport and long-term relationships with them.  

It, in turn, will help you to plan your events in a more strategic way and attract as many benefactors to them as possible. You can potentially make your list of clients longer by finding people who are genuinely interested in your cause. 

  1. Getting More Volunteers 

If you do own a prominent non-profit organization, then you will require a lot of volunteers. You may need them for organizing events, catering to your benefactors, and many more. But how are you going to find them? 

The NPSP pack of Salesforce can help you out in this aspect as well. Through CRM solutions, you can find the best people who can be perfect volunteers for your purpose. 

Make sure to choose those people who have a decent following on social media platforms, it might help you to get more donors as well. 

  1. Improved Data Import Tool 

The data import tool of the NPSP pack of Salesforce is ever-evolving. With every update, it gets better and more superior. You can also customize it for added convenience. For example, the recent version of the same can import your single-row data into multiple records at once. 

In turn, can be quite beneficial for you in the context of data migration and implementation. You can also create a specific holding record, which can help you reconstruct incorrect information and data quickly. 


The working procedure of nonprofit organizations can be quite intricate and challenging, to say the least. You will have to keep track of every aspect accurately. Hence, to make your job easier and reduce the occurrence of problems, choose the Salesforce Nonprofit pack. If you do implement the previously-mentioned procedures, then you can easily automate your data collection, correction, and integration in an organized and strategic manner.  Good luck!