With decisions to make, resources to manage, budgets to allocate, and projects to handle, corporations need no less than a robust management platform. Simply complex business processes and save time plus valuable resources with our adaptive software solutions built for the rapidly-growing demands of corporations.

  • Plan, manage, and complete projects on time with our smart project management solutions.

  • Assign and keep track of all the tasks your team is working on simply and seamlessly.

  • Collaborate with your team and stakeholders within the same intuitive platform

  • Store, manage and share files plus other assets securely in one place

  • Generate comprehensive and accurate reports and analytics effortlessly

  • Customize and automate online forms for your contacts and leads

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Application and Review Cloud Software for Corporations

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Easy Application Portal

Maximize your organization’s impact with a robust, reliable, and powerful grants management solution.

  • Manage Your Application Process Online

  • Review, Approve and Decline

  • Capture Post Award Reports

  • Create Flexible Reports

  • Communicate with Applicants & Reviewers

  • Automate Awarding Process 

  • Measure Your Impact 

Harvard University CommunityForce ScholarsUnited Login
Harvard University CommunityForce ScholarsUnited Login

Comprehensive Admin Control

  • 360 Oversight of Grant Lifecycle

  • Automate Submissions, Evaluations, and Awards

  • Measure Outcomes and Impact

  • Create flexible reports

  • Comprehensive Funds Management

  • Review Proposals at a Glance

  • Collaborate with Admins & Other Reviewers

  • Score and Rank Proposals