The Salesforce®
Nonprofit Success
Pack (NPSP)

The Salesforce®
Nonprofit Success
Pack (NPSP)

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

The Nonprofit Success Pack is Salesforce’s end-to-end CRM solution for the nonprofit sector. It’s the world’s #1 CRM, adapted for the specific requirements of nonprofit organizations.

Get Started with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

Starting your digital transformation with Salesforce NPSP couldn’t be easier, even if you think you’re not good with computers. With its simple point-and-click interface, you’ll be seamlessly managing constituents, tracking fundraising activities, and much more, in no time at all. NPSP also allows you to manage donors and look after the grantmaking process.

Salesforce NPSP stores and manages your data, allowing you to implement best practices and streamline your workflow.

  • Share your mission with your constituents with targeted, personalized communications

  • Track, manage, and report on donations and memberships

  • Manage fundraising and other engagement initiatives

  • Nurture donations through engagement and memberships

  • Efficiently administrate a wide range of programs

To begin implementation, Rapid Applications will review each nonprofit’s unique requirements and assess the surrounding technical environment before preparing clear implementation recommendations. We then perform expert, collaborative configuration to address the highest priority recommendations. Starting the engagement in this way gets clients moving in the right direction as new Salesforce NPSP users.

Rapid Applications can also provide an independent assessment and review of existing Salesforce implementations, helping existing Salesforce users get back on track or to a better place.

How It Works

At Rapid Applications, we are here to make your Salesforce® implementation as easy as possible.

We’ll sit down with you, assess your current technical setup, and review your unique requirements. Once we know what you need, we prepare our implementation recommendations.

In partnership with you, we’ll work through our recommendations and configure the Salesforce platform that will energize your nonprofit. It’s an approach that helps new Salesforce NPSP users get the best from their new system.

If you already have a Salesforce setup in place, Rapid Applications can undertake an independent assessment and review of your CRM. If we believe your Salesforce implementation could be improved in any way, we’ll help you make it happen.