Marketing Automation

It’s time to revolutionize the way you communicate with your constituents

If you’re not communicating regularly with your members, donors, and volunteers, your nonprofit could be missing a trick. Marketing automation is more than sending sporadic emails; it’s about taking your constituents on a journey.

Salesforce Pardot and Marketing Cloud are state-of-the-art applications that help nonprofits, just like you, take their constituent communication to the next level. With these tools, you can:

  • Send personalized emails to your database

  • Automate multi-step email sequences and user journeys

  • Track engagement across a range of digital platforms

To turbocharge your fundraising efforts, Einstein AI for Pardot offers predictive insights. It can identify the users most likely to respond to a campaign, donate, or attend a fundraiser. Just think how that sort of information could energize your outreach!

Here are some more of the benefits of bringing marketing automation into your nonprofit, with Salesforce Pardot or Salesforce Marketing Cloud:


  • Split your database using a range of criteria

  • Send personalized messages that are relevant to your audience

  • Set parameters that target your most lucrative donors

Email design

  • Create great-looking emails without the need for a developer

  • Design landing page templates you can use again and again

  • The CommunityForce design team are always on hand to help

User journeys

  • Create custom sequences to keep your audience engaged

  • Set triggers that tell you when your recipients are ready to engage

  • Analytics monitor responses and ROI

Lead scoring (Pardot only)

  • Track your prospects as they engage with your organization

  • Know when they open an email, visit your site, or attend a webinar

  • Identify high-value prospects quickly


  • Create forms to gather valuable information on your prospects

  • When you get their email, you can bring them into your funnel

  • The CommunityForce UX team are always on hand to help


  • Customize your reporting to match your unique needs

  • Set up analytics based around your Key Performance Indicators

  • Create easy-to-read reports to share with your team

List cleanup

  • Data goes out of date quickly, so you need to stay on top of it

  • CommunityForce can audit your database, fix problems, and clean it up

  • We can also help migrate lists from other apps such as MailChimp