The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack is a widely-recognized CRM software that helps maintain all nonprofit-related activities. It’s a free solution that nonprofits use for configuring various solutions for managing a variety of activities. After all, data management is a crucial aspect of maintaining an organization. When talking about the job description for Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack Admins (NPSP) in understanding the process of data organization, a standard model is imperative. 

The Salesforce NPSP software is completely customizable, from tracking sales leads and marketing initiatives to keeping a record of your clients – expect to get everything done here. Being an open software that you can use for free, it’s not difficult to see why nonprofit organizations are drawn to it. 

Accounts in the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack can be used for organizing records regarding supporter households, companies, as well as identifying funding sources. The contact feature helps in tracking important data regarding individual stakeholders such as volunteers and members. With the campaign feature, you can track the everyday progress of any activity. Finally, opportunities allow you to keep track of fulfilled donations. 

Basic things to know about Salesforce NPSP as an administrator 

Being a Salesforce admin can be daunting especially if you are working for a nonprofit organization.  You will be responsible for handling user adoption, training newbies and seasoned team members alike, and maintaining data integrity. 

Before taking on the responsibility of handling administrative work on Salesforce NPSP, here are some critical aspects of the software worth learning:

  • Data model- Knowing your data model is non-negotiable. Details such as which data model you are using, the version, whether it’s an individual or household account, are of equal importance. Learning more about your Salesforce NPSP also entails attending webinars and looking up relevant documentation. 
  • Security model- Your security model is yet another important part of the Salesforce system. This ensures your data is protected and that only authorized users can access and change data according to the specific roles they play at your organization. Online tutorial videos are available for your perusal so you can take full advantage of the benefits of this feature. 
  • Reporting- Being able to track, organize, and optimize the variables powering your nonprofit leads to growth and greater outreach. Generating reports that you can fully customize according to your organization’s requirements is a must in sharing your progress.   

Some other common tasks which a Salesforce Administrator can do using the NPSP are designing a new field, editing picklists, changing page layouts, inactivating users, and more. Along with these technical skills, your soft skills will also be honed to help you run your organization.  

Things you can do with Salesforce NPSP 

With a tool as efficient as the Salesforce NPSP, you can easily configure all the missions of your organization. 

The settings tab of NPSP is one of the best features of this system since it helps in providing a platform for customizing extra configurations that are necessary for your nonprofit. Here are some interesting things you can do with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack: 

Change the donation names 

Your Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack comes with the advantage of changing donation names. Suppose your organization donations are taken in the name of The Smith Household and you want to change the name to Grants and change the format, it enables you to do just that. 

Using Salesforce NPSP, you can make separate naming rules depending on the record type, or whether the donation is made through any account. The Opportunity name setting in NPSP is responsible for making all these changes. 

Design different relationship types through NPSP 

Tracking relationships within the system is also possible and gives you the ability to add relationship options such as dependent, guardian, sponsor, or ex-spouse. With salesforce NPSP, you can do all these things and come up with Relationship Reciprocal Settings, to meet all your organizational requirements. Hence, admins require a job description for Salesforce NonProfit Success Pack Admins (NPSP). 

Relationship Reciprocal Settings help in creating automation procedures; however, you will have to add new values to the Relationship object. 

Offer donation credits to the gift honorees 

You can determine whether the nonprofit database is working or not depending on the catches as well as donation credits, and this is primarily why soft donation credits have been included in this list. This is monitored by contact roles, which is a mechanism used for tracking people influencing the donation but did not donate. Soft credit can be given to those who donate through family foundations and influential board members. 

Through NPSP settings, you can navigate the contact roles and scroll to the bottom to add particular contact roles for the gift honorees. However, if you want to do this,  you will have to make sure that Soft Credit Rollups are enabled on the page. 

Regular check-ups for the organization 

If you are an organization admin, this is an important point to consider. Gaining insight into which campaigns were most successful, which fundraising event raised the most money or new contributors, or which aspects need more attention or improvement is now more convenient than ever. However, numerous primary opportunity contact roles, orphaned households, and problems with recurring donations are some issues you might encounter. 

What benefits admins can get from Salesforce NPSP? 

Salesforce NPSP gives nonprofits a solid foundation with functionalities that are specifically designed to meet their ever-evolving needs. It gives you more time to concentrate on your social aims as well as core charitable goals.

Here are some of the benefits which the admins can get from Salesforce NPSP:

Hassle-free maintenance 

Salesforce comes with the advantage of an auto-update which you can expect every 2 weeks. With installation not being a requirement, all you have to do is enable the features you want. Health check functions and other tools are also worth looking into. 

Better and enhanced data import tool 

The Salesforce NPSP data import tool has been enhanced, turning data from a single row into various related records. This tool plays a vital role during initial implementation as well as data migration. 

With the platform’s constituent management capabilities, it’s a complete fundraising powerhouse for your cause! 


How Organization Admins Can Utilize the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack