US Air Force Air Education and Training Command (AETC)


AETC is driven by a singular imperative – Forging innovative Airmen to power the world’s greatest Air Force. They sought to replace a dozen duplicative Learning Management Systems (LMS) that are decades old, cost hundreds of thousands annually to maintain and frequently fail, causing systemic performance and availability issues (outages). AETC wanted a single solution, one built on a unified open-standards based system and readily procurable as an off-the-shelf product.



  • Worked with AETC to assess and evaluate the organization’s current condition and created a roadmap to move to a unified open-standards system.

  • Co-Architected solution based on AEM Communities on AWS and Azure cloud infrastructures.

  • Designed and implemented a testing and evaluation process for AETC to prepare its divisions for the move to the cloud.

  • Helped client devise a service delivery model that enables AETC to provide learning and training services with organizations throughout the USAF.

The solution was developed for AETC, but postured for the entire US Air Force.

Tom Giattino, Director AETC/A5T, AETC


AEM Communities of Learning™


  • Adobe: CommunityForce poised to deliver Adobe’s largest deployment of AEM Communities of Learning in the world.

  • AETC:  Resulting SaaS model enables them to make platform accessible to everyone within the USAF (and DoD).

  • US Air Force: Equips AETC with a unified system and streamlined method to deliver over 2,000 courses to 1.5 million Airmen and civilians worldwide.

  • Airmen: The result is a next-generation learning experience deserving of the world’s greatest Air Force.