Secretary of the Air Force / Financial Management Office


As one of the key strategic leadership resources to our nation’s Air Force, SAF/FM concentrates its efforts to guide decision-making across the service. With a primary mandate to generate the greatest impact and increase efficiencies, they were actively seeking to simplify some of their critical management processes using technology. To achieve this, they:

  • Initiated a project to develop an automated solution for end-to-end lifecycle management of several mission critical documents:

    • Appointment and Termination Record-Authorized Signature – DD Form 577
    • Key Signatory Appointment Letters
    • System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) – DD Form 2875
  • Focused on potential solutions which could support several key requirements:

    • Meets all legislative and regulatory requirements
    • Maximizes efficiencies by minimizing manual workload
    • Meets all FIAR, FISCAM, and other applicable audit readiness standards


After careful evaluation and review of SAF/FM’s process workflows and initial analysis, CommunityForce recommended a blended solution: a solution that involved AEM Forms and an end-to-end workflow solution that would ensure accuracy and accountability.

Given the need to track tens of thousands of forms and the desire to create an exceptional user experience, the customer selected AEM Sites and Assets.


AEM Forms™, Sites and Assets™


  • Adobe: Gained an increase in installed user base of AEM Forms in the USAF and up-sold AEM Sites/Assets.

  • Customer:  Received an efficient automated workflow system which complies with all legal and regulatory requirements while delivering an exceptional user experience.

  • US Air Force: Gains a complete end-to-end systems that saves time, reduces resource burden and increasing impact.

  • Airmen: Enjoy a simpler, more streamlined and accurate appointment and authorization process.