USALearning®, a Division of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM)


Primarily focused on supporting civilian agencies, USALearning® assists organizations to effectively and efficiently achieve agency missions and enable high quality, just-in-time learning for Federal employees.

Additionally, USALearning’s representation of multiple agencies with vendors allows our clients to realize volume discounts at higher levels. However, USALearning does not have the ability to help clients migrate to the cloud nor assist them with completing the appropriate security paperwork.


  • CommunityForce worked with USALearning and its clients to identify and assess hosting options for AWS and Azure

  • Designed and developed the architecture and pricing options

  • Created a roadmap that helps customers choose the right cloud service provider



AEM Communities™, Forms, Sites/Assets architected for AWS and Azure


  • Adobe: Gained an increase in installed user base of AEM Forms in the USAF and up-sold AEM Sites/Assets.

  • Customer:  Received an efficient automated workflow system which complies with all legal and regulatory requirements while delivering an exceptional user experience.

  • US Air Force: Gains a complete end-to-end systems that saves time, reduces resource burden and increasing impact.

  • Airmen: Enjoy a simpler, more streamlined and accurate appointment and authorization process.