Air Force Departmental Publishing Office (AFDPO)


AFDPO implements Air Force publications and forms management guidance and serves as the headquarters publications and forms manager. Since the inception of the Air Force, publications and forms have been developed, distributed and used by Air Force personnel for policy and guidance. The life cycle processes of authoring, coordination, approval, storage, access, dissemination, and maintenance of these publications and forms had remained largely manuals despite ever increasing advances in information technology until the early 1990s.

With continued improvements in document management and customer service as key mandates, a proprietary software system was being retired by the USAF, creating an immediate imperative: To prevent work stoppage to missions critical to national security, the AF needed a way to convert the 4,700 forms (12,500 pages) to Adobe PDF – all within 18 months.


  • CommunityForce worked with the customer to prioritize the forms for conversion.

  • It architected and assembled a document management and workflow process and QA team which resulted in reduced time for conversion and ensured conversion

  • Utilizing tight project management controls and scheduled customer briefings, the project was completed 6months ahead of schedule and on budget.



Adobe Document Cloud™


  • Adobe: Adobe PDF is now the standard to all Air Force forms.

  • Customer:  Forms conversion completed ahead of schedule and without mission interruption.

  • US Air Force: Was able to sunset the proprietary software and replace with a more robust, cost-saving solution.

  • Airmen: Is supported by a more user-friendly, feature-rich, effective, reliable and efficient system for mission essential forms.