Air Force Chief Technology Officer


Today’s military is active in affecting transformational change with it’s acquisition policies and practices. And there’s no better example of this than the USAF. The SAF/CTO wanted a proof of concept that demonstrated Content Level Security (CLS).

While there were many potential solutions to choose from, the CTO wanted a solution that incorporated the flexibility and security provided by Adobe Digital Rights Management™ (DRM). In addition, the solution had to be compatible with the future vision of the USAF networks, which would include Windows 10™ and MS Office™ products.



  • Helped Adobe and Accenture Federal to overcome a series of roadblocks to complete the Proof of Concept (POC) on time.

  • In less than 3 months, integrated Adobe DRM™ with a secure token server (STS), MS SharePoint™, and improved Adobe’s plug-in architecture for MS Office™ products.

  • Achieving what was deemed “impossible,” lead to CommunityForce becoming a trusted advisor to the prime contractor and other subcontractors



Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM)


  • Adobe: DRM is positioned as a solution compatible with the future of the USAF networks.

  • Customer:  SAF/CTO has a viable solution for content level security

  • US Air Force: USAF now has the capability to protect and track documents even when they are off the protected networks.

  • Airmen: Sensitive documents can now be protected in a way that enables Mission Assurance while maintaining Information Assurance.