Project Description


Today’s military is active in affecting transformational change with it’s acquisition policies and practices. And there’s no better example of this than the USAF. The SAF/CTO wanted a proof of concept that demonstrated Content Level Security (CLS).

While there were many potential solutions to choose from, the CTO wanted a solution that incorporated the flexibility and security provided by Adobe Digital Rights Management™ (DRM). In addition, the solution had to be compatible with the future vision of the USAF networks, which would include Windows 10™ and MS Office™ products.



  • Helped Adobe and Accenture Federal to overcome a series of roadblocks to complete the Proof of Concept (POC) on time.

  • In less than 3 months, integrated Adobe DRM™ with a secure token server (STS), MS SharePoint™, and improved Adobe’s plug-in architecture for MS Office™ products.

  • Achieving what was deemed “impossible,” lead to CommunityForce becoming a trusted advisor to the prime contractor and other subcontractors



Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM)


  • Adobe: DRM is positioned as a solution compatible with the future of the USAF networks.

  • Customer:  SAF/CTO has a viable solution for content level security

  • US Air Force: USAF now has the capability to protect and track documents even when they are off the protected networks.

  • Airmen: Sensitive documents can now be protected in a way that enables Mission Assurance while maintaining Information Assurance.